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The Aluminium / Collapsible tube filling crimping and coding machine is a all mechanical machine with a rotation aluminium disk for operation on tubes and the disk is driven by Geneva mechanism. The machine is made in strong MS Structure duly painted and claded with SS 304 Cover Sheets.

The machine is an eight station one that can produce about 27 tubes in a minute and has a filling capacity variant from 3 gm to 100 gm. The machine is complete mechanical and so has only a 1 HP motor in the standard version of the machine hence reducing the running cost of the machine in this competitive state of work. Also the machine reduces a lot of man power required to pack the Aluminium tubes. The can run only with one operator who has to just load the empty tube on the rotating disk rest all all operations including the filling, crimping and the batch coding is done automatically by the machine as set to dimensions.

Also the processed tubes are automatically ejected out of the disk. The machine has a no tube no fill arrangement that keeps a check on human error and stops the machine if the operator fails to insert the tubes on to the disk.

The machine is supplied with a standard hopper and made to GMP finish and complete electrical Panel. Accessories: Vacuum Cleaning device, Orientation or eye mark sensing, Jacket hopper and stirrer.