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HDPE Pipe Machine


Our range of High Speed HDPE Pipe Plant Various range available in model numbers is very effective in producing array and range of HDPE products in varying utilities and according to usages across industry sectors and segments.

HPMC HDPE pipe plant is state-of-the-art extrusion machinery as to produce an extensive range of HDPE pipes and other utilities products from HDPE (High-density polyethylene) to be used and employed in variety of product utilities in various industries for innumerable number of purposes. Our High Speed HDPE Pipe plant available in model numbers HPMC 45G, HPMC 65G, HHPMC 75G and HPMC 90G made from high grade steel produces very effective pipes in min PIPE OD (mm) and max PIPE OD (mm). The plasticized capacity of HPMC-High Speed HDPE Pipe Plant ranges between 550 kg/hr to 600 kg/hr.

Salient Features of High Speed HDPE Pipe Plant:
  • It is designed for an easy operability and performance optimization.
  • Screw & Barrel, PLC control system and Spiral Type Die Head and other parts of the High Speed HDPE pipe plant are designed in manner to bring optimum result and ensure better productivity results.
  • Made to ensure durability and longer life
  • Energy efficient ensuring lower power consumption
  • Corrosion resistance